Craig Fugate guides Franchisees and Franchisors through transactions including the purchase or sale of a franchise, franchise termination, state registration, trademark registration and disputes, lease negotiations and other transactional and contractual matters.  

Buying a Franchise

The Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreements are dense documents that most people need help understanding.  It is also important to realize that franchisees can and should negotiate the terms of the agreement to get the best deal they can.  Craig represents franchisees across industries and will guide you through the process.  

Selling or Terminating a Franchise

Franchisees sometimes need to sell thier franchise or terminate their franchise relationship with thier franchisor.  Craig will draft asset purchase agreements or stock purchase agreements and negotiate with purchasers on the valuation and terms.  If you just want out of your agreement, Craig will review your agreements and help you find the best way out with the best long-term results.

Franchise Related Services

Franchisees often need help in a variety of other areas including trademarks, real estate, lease review and negotiation, contract review, employment matters, business succession planning and more.  Craig serves as general counsel to many of his franchise clients helping them throughout the years with the myriad of issues they face.  

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